Go Outside

My mother yelled this out at us a gazillion times growing up. She wanted us to go outside and play as much as possible. I doubt it was out of an abundance of concern for our health; probably she just wanted to get us out from underfoot.

Spending all that time outdoors required me to do things like walk through the woods, build forts out of sticks, dam up creeks, and roll around in moist grass. Although I was, more often than not, alone, I learned a lot from those days of tramping through the woods.

Circle form #2 - a nature art sculpture of wood, vines, twigs, and twine

If you never go outside, you will never care about the environment. 

For those of us who do go outside, the joy of being a part of the natural world cannot be overstated. Nature's power to heal us from much of the stress of modern life is amazing, but is often the last place we turn for help. Next time you feel stuck, personally or artistically, try taking a walk in the woods.

I did a series of nature art pieces very early in 2017. Natural art supplies are all around us, and most of them are free. And as you may have guessed, I love free stuff. So I took some twine and vines and twigs and things I found in and about my yard, and I started making these sculptures. Like other mixed media, these pieces require a lot of problem solving and whole brain rumination, but the finished products were well worth the effort of hunting and gathering. Maybe we should call it Paleo Art.

These sculptures were shown at an abstract show at The Center for Visual Arts in Greensboro, NC in 2017. I then photographed them extensively. You can license photos of them through most of my microstock portfolios, or you can purchase posters and other items through my Zazzle store, Natalie Schorr Eco-Art.