Embracing Mixed Media

Mixed media is transformative; it's like using all of your brain to do art calisthenics. In a perfect moment, it brings together all your skills to create something that no one skill or medium could possibly express.

For me, working with a variety of media allows me to break away from the confines of scale and detail. I try to go in without a real plan and enjoy the serendipity that can result from the collaboration of multiple ideas.

My favorite items to incorporate into these pieces include refuse from various printmaking projects, old magazines [particularly vintage 1950s and 60s women's magazines], old books, and drawing. Sometimes I will add stencils, painting, and found objects as well. 

Most of my pieces are 2D and very intimate in scale. There are a number of reasons for this, one of the biggest being the scale of my source materials, but also I like working smaller. 


Mixed Media Stencil #9, Old book cover, drawing, stencils, paint, ephemera,  collage

Recent Mixed Media Sculpture

Recently I spent a week of my now annual "art vacation" time at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts learning a new sculpture technique that involves wire armatures and lots of recycled stuff to make animal form sculptures. It was an awesome experience, and I hope to explore this technique further as fall rolls around. 

This sculpture of a hornbill features an old shoe horn that was my father's, fabric from an old wool suit coat that was my grandfather's, a vintage silk kimono, vintage buttons, assorted yarns, pink coated copper wire, and a late 1960s plastic fabric printed in an array of groovy colors.

Hornbill sculpture from recycled materials