Preparing a Blank House

I am renovating my kitchen, my bedroom, pretty much everything in my new-to-me house, a rhapsody in brown woodwork, brown doors, and tan walls. It's a freakin' lot of brown to look at every day, and it's visually exhausting. It's gotta go.

Because all the woodwork in this house has been stained dark brown and either given a single coat of some sort of sealer decades ago, or no discernable sealer at all, I decided the best place to start would be with a white primer while I make up my mind what colors I want for everything. I decided to try the Valspar Stainblocking Bonding Primer / Sealer from Lowes Home Improvement. 

Really heavy bodied paint

This primer is a water soluble paint, so you clean everything up with water instead of some horrible, toxic solvent. It also has the consistency of banana pudding without the bananas and vanilla wafers of course, and it's very heavily pigmented so it covers really well. It knocks down all the brown in a jiffy, giving me more of a clean slate on which to ruminate. I plan to use it on every door and piece of trim in the house. Great stuff!