Investing in Organization

I was up late the other night surfing Houzz and Pinterest for more kitchen ideas since mechanical man doesn't want to pay for cable. If he had done so, I would have been watching baseball instead of shopping, with the end result having me be dejected over yet another Braves loss instead of a whole lot of Rev-a-Shelf boxes arriving two days later.

I am playing the home renovation game, bouncing back and forth between the bedroom and the kitchen currently, and I am not lacking for ideas. My biggest problem is in the area of organization, and how to put what I have available to use in the most efficient way possible, since I still have way too much crap despite my best efforts at purging prior to the move. Baby steps, I guess.

I remembered that the Big Box Home Improvement Store where I once worked a second job had these roll out shelf things that keep you from having to dig around in your cabinets as much. The pictures make it appear as if things just magically organize themselves into these units, so I went to Amazon and compared prices with Mr. Big Box's site. Amazon won. Braves still losing.

I looked at all the different products, how much weight they could hold, and the various product reviews before deciding on the Rev-a-Shelf units. Here's what I got.

Tower of cubbies now superbly organized thanks to Rev-a-Shelf

I have this tower of cubbies in the kitchen that's very deep and individually segmented. It's the kind of place that canned goods go to rot and explode after they have past their expiration dates. Having cleaned up a lot of exploded stuff from my parents' unfortunate food hoarding days, I know better. Additionally, most of the cabinets would be either too low or too high to rummage through efficiently without the aid of a step stool or ladder, so this seemed like the ideal spot in which to begin. 

The Rev-a-Shelf boxes arrived, and I just stacked them randomly in with all the other boxes waiting to be unpacked, and mechanical man never noticed. I had painted the interiors of all these cabinets, so when he went off to work yesterday morning, I launched in to my project.

The shelf units roll on tracks that are mounted on the floor of the shelf, so assuming you can actually read a tape measure to get the opening size of your cabinets right, there is really not a lot you can do to mess up this project. 

Remove the basket from the rolling tracks, and screw the tracks down to the shelf, then push the rack back onto the tracks. Four screws. That's it. Here's a handy video that will show you how to remove the basket. [Hint: that's not how they tell you to do it in the enclosed instructions but trust me, you will have a much easier time if you do.]

World of Breakfast in a single drawer!

OK, well, being that I have these cheap 1980s vintage cabinets with 1/2" plywood shelves, I could only screw down the bottom one. On the others, the screws were too long, so I drilled a hole and used a bolt/washer/nut in place of the screws, which worked fine.

Then I put all my pantry items on the shelves and, as if by magic, everything just sort of organized itself. Magically delicious!

The Rev-a-Shelf units come in a wide array of sizes and styles. I also got these little units for under the wall oven which work great for canned drinks. I will likely buy some more for the kitchen as well as the bathrooms. Mechanical man was so surprised and pleased that he never asked how much they cost. Here's a hint: it was more than cable.