New Beginnings / Moving on

I quit my job. It wasn't anything dramatic, and I gave them over 5 weeks of notice, so it wasn't exactly a surprise to anyone. Still, I was pretty gleeful as I deleted that 5:30 AM weekday alarm from my phone.

We are moving to Georgia, a plan that I initially resisted but have warmed up to over the course of several months of planning. We bought a house which I did not even see in person until the day before closing, [how crazy is that?] and now all I have to do is pack everything in our home in North Carolina, get it all clean and painted and ready to put on the market, move everything to Georgia, renovate that house, and go on with my life. Piece of cake, right?

Moving takes a good year of your time, and often even more. It's a huge undertaking, even if you are only moving a couple of streets over. However, it's also a great opportunity to get "unstuck;" from destructive patterns, bad memories, and a whole lot of stuff that has accumulated. With any luck, that will include a few pounds from my waistline as well.

Mountain of empty boxes waiting to be packed

Mountain of empty boxes waiting to be packed

I have been working on the packing part for over a month now, and I am making a good dent in the pile. I also spent the 5 weeks since I gave my notice at work hauling home carloads of empty boxes, so I usually have something in the size I need right at hand.

My goal is to have the house ready to put on the market May 1. So aside from a trip to Boston next week, my round the clock job will be packing, painting, and cleaning. I have a lot to get done.