Don't it Make My Front Door Blue

Apologies to Crystal Gayle

My house had a terrible front door. It was a natural wood finish with etched glass and blue stained glass, and years of East facing sun had caused the varnish to bubble and flake off the bottom portion of the door. Not attractive.

Now, I am not a follower of feng shui, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to just look at what colors should be right for my front door, so I consulted Google and found this article from a website called The Spruce.

According to The Spruce, I should paint my front door green, brown, blue, black, very light yellow, or an earth tone. I chose blue, since I already had the blue in the stained glass. I happened to be going to Home Depot for something mechanical man wanted me to pick up, so I grabbed an assortment of blue paint chips and taped them to the front door so I could look at them at various times of the day for a few days.

 My luminous blue front door in Behr Marquee P530 Indigo Batik

My luminous blue front door in Behr Marquee P530 Indigo Batik

I thoroughly sanded off the old varnish and cleaned the door before I painted it. What a gorgeous color! Aside from being totally in love with the color of the door, I will say that the paint was awesome. It was very heavily pigmented, and it covered completely in a single coat, although I did ultimately give it two coats as extra protection.

One important thing I observed was that you do not need to be a genius painter with 30 years of painting experience to apply this paint successfully. It wasn't drippy, it leveled out smoothly, and it covered completely the very first coat. And if you are an occasional do-it-yourself painter, that makes it well worth the money to get it right the first time.

I ended up picking up a whole bunch more paint chips from HD a few days later. I will definitely use this paint in more of my house.