Shingles, Day 6

I feel like I regressed a bit today. I had a really poor night's sleep, and woke up with my skin feeling stiff and really burning. I showered, which helped some, and resorted back to the hydrocodone. I was trying to get away from it, but it seems like I got a little behind in the pain management, so I am taking halves only when necessary. I hate all these drugs!

Shingles, Day 6 Certainly doesn't look any worse, thankfully

So today my skin burns worse than yesterday, and my neck has been really, really stiff with a bad headache. I was getting pretty worried, but read some online forums where people were complaining of the same symptoms, so I am feeling better now about the situation.

It feels like the muscles in my neck are much stiffer and less pliable on the infected side. Still have swollen glands as well. One thing I did read was that using pressure therapies like with tennis balls was not helpful, so I will try not to go there. And while everyone felt that ice was the ticket, not heat, it's the hot water bottle that seems to be working for me.

One thing that's really positive is that, for all the inflammation, I have very little blistering. Perhaps it is because I started the antivirals so quickly. 

It was helpful for me to read from others that the recovery is not necessarily linear. You might not get progressively better each day, and there can be setbacks. That's good to know. Makes me feel more comfortable about feeling lousy, if you know what I mean.