Shingles, Day 4

I got up and took a shower this morning. Not the most comfortable experience, but getting clean did help my overall outlook. My shingles rashes look pretty angry and much deeper red.

Shingles Day 4, as my neck begins to blister

Shingles Day 4, as my neck begins to blister

The redness has not moved to any new parts of my body, and I am starting to get raised blisters. I hope that means it has stopped spreading.

Shingles looking pretty red before my shower.

Today's pain level is still very high, although for the moment I do not feel quite as stricken with the chills and overall body aches that have really kicked my rear over the last couple of days, so I am grateful for that. Also, the swelling in the neck glands that has caused a lot of pain seems to have gone down a bit, so I am able to turn my head almost 1/4 of the way toward my shoulder. That's an improvement. 

I am still not feeling too itchy, although with the development of shingles blisters, I suspect it is only a matter of time.

I definitely feel better in the morning, and get more run down as the day goes on, but at least I am starting the day in a slightly better place. I have been up for 2 hours, made coffee and showered, and am pretty exhausted. Think it's time for a nap.